Daughters of God

Daughters of God

 by Rachel Langlois

I had another post planned, but I thought maybe it would be nice to share a bit about my background before jumping into my ramblings. 

I am the eldest daughter of 4 siblings. I grew up the daughter of humble parents--my dad works in law enforcement and my mom is a teacher. My family runs a full-time ranch on the side, and as such, I grew up with a deep respect for animal husbandry, taking care of the earth, and working hard. My parents raised their children to believe that hard work is the foundation of success--even if that success is humble. I like to think that I take nothing for granted, and that hard work aside, "but for the grace of God go I." 

I married young, and unfortunately, my life did not go as planned. I later found myself divorced and supporting two beautiful daughters on my own. Well, I say on my own, but truly I have a wonderful family that saw me through the worst of times. By extension, my ward family supported me in my struggles as well. There is so much more that I could write about this topic, but instead, I will leave a portion of my testimony.

As a mother of 3 children (I have since remarried and gained a sweet son to act as brother to my daughters), I feel I am only barely learning the scope of Heavenly Father's love and His hopes for us. One thing I know is that we are most assuredly daughters (and sons) of God. There was a time in my life when I doubted He was there, and I felt that even if He WAS there, that He had surely abandoned and turned His back on me. Even in the midst of my doubt and my belief that He did not care--He blessed me and guided my life in ways I can only describe as miraculous. Though I did not see it at the time, my needs were met, and I was never alone.

Heavenly Father loves His daughters. He needs each of our unique talents and gifts. We will never know the scope of our reach, just as we can never truly comprehend the scope of His love for us in this life. In times of doubt, keep pushing forward, try just one more second, one more hour, one more day. Eventually, you will make it out of the tunnel and you will be able to turn and see there was still some light in the darkness and that He loved you tenderly while you struggled through the muck. He has a divine purpose for each of us, and there is great power in knowing your lineage as a Daughter of God. He will never abandon us. Stay strong, daughters of God.