A Smile to Share

A Smile to Share

by Kathy Penrod

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the gift of a smile.  This simple act of kindness begets more kindness, even charity. It is an expression of the light within each of us and it shares God’s love every time we use this gift. It is something small we can do to show the world there is goodness here. We are not alone.

What kind of world would we live in if, every day, each person made another smile? What kind of change can you create in someone’s life? How would it change others? How would it change you?

Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile…” I think most everyone would agree that our world could use a little more peace.

In honor of the Christmas Season, we at Deliberate Discipleship are beginning a new campaign to last beyond the tinsel and the lights. We are challenging each of our followers to make another person smile.

It will be our gift to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We will remind our followers on Twitter and Facebook to make someone smile, but the rest is up to you. Find the co-worker who seems lonely, or the grouchy bank teller who never looks up from the window. Perhaps you have a neighbor who just lost a pet or a teacher who is just exhausted. Maybe it’s someone on the train to work or even a complete stranger at a store. Take a minute and think about it. Surely, there is someone who needs to smile.

Tweet or comment your results using the hashtags #DDMadeYouSmile and/or #DDSmileChallenge. You may post pictures or comments.

The world awaits the magic you can create!!! Lets smile!